Classroom Activity and Presentation Ideas
1. American Society for Microbiology (ASM). ASM offers an extensive list of classroom activities and outreach activities. It also offers an outreach kit that can supplement the resources in this kit. Additionally, it links to several YouTube videos about microbiology.

2. American Society for Hematology (ASH). ASH partnered with Scholastic to create educational videos, slides and teaching tools to expose high school students to careers in hematology. It’s “Explore the Mystery of Blood” curriculum has been distributed to more than 50,000 teachers worldwide.

3. American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). This career page provides details on specific subspecialties, a career comic book, handouts, a PowerPoint presentation to augment your own visual aids and interesting articles to promote the profession.

4. A Scientist’s Guide to Making Successful Presentations to High School Students

5. National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). NSTA is a great resource for scientific news and tips on engaging middle school and high school students.

6. National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT). You can check out this website to see what biology teachers are discussing to help frame your presentation.

8. The Science Buddies – Hands on science resources and career information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
What’s the best way to begin talking to schools?

If you live in the city where you grew up, it makes it easier to reach out to that school and explain your purpose to a principal or teacher that you know. If you are unfamiliar with the schools, introduce yourself to principals, teachers or other school administrators with an opening letter and/or email then follow up with a phone call to speak to the correct contact.

Keep in mind that teachers and school administrators are extremely busy. Be persistent, but also know when to step back and try again later if they do not respond.

What should I put in my presentation to keep students interested?

This varies from class to class. An advanced placement biology class may have different interests than an introductory chemistry class. Make sure to tell your own story and leave it open for questions. If you find a video or website that may enhance your presentation, share it. Use, and other resources.

If I present several times at a school, does that count as one presentation or multiple?

It is counted as multiple if the audience for each presentation was different. For example, if you presented to a group of students in the morning then another group of students in the afternoon, you can report completing two presentations.

Do career fairs and lab tours count towards the presentation requirement?

Yes, career fairs and lab tours count. On the check-in survey, list the number of career fairs and lab tours given along with the approximate number of students in attendance.

Does ASCP reimburse for materials purchased for activities or for travel expenses?

No, ASCP does not reimburse for materials purchased for activities or for travel expenses. These expenses may be tax-deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for further information.

What should I wear to during a presentation, career fair or lab tour?

We recommend wearing your lab coat or dressing in business casual attire.


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