Hematology Specialist

Carlo Ledesma, MS, SH(ASCP)CM QLS, MT(ASCPi)
Hematology Specialist
Oklahoma City, OK
Three years of full-time Hematology work experience in a clinical laboratory OR three years of experience as an educator in Hematology

For Carlo, earning his MT certification was only the beginning. Carlo chose to continue his education, becoming a specialist in Hematology and, ultimately, an Educational Program Director. His story is a great example of the incredible career paths many medical laboratory specialists carve for themselves—proof that the lab is not only a great career choice, but that, for many, it’s only the beginning.

My Lab Hero Story

Once, there was a kid that fell and hurt himself, and we couldn’t find where he was bleeding internally to stop it. It really hit home for me. I was in the US, and all of my younger siblings were back home in the Philippines—and it could have been any one of them. I drew the patient’s blood and hurried back to the lab because I wanted to get this patient the right treatment as quickly as possible. I wanted to give him the same care I’d want for my brothers and sisters.

“I like that I get to use my analytical side every day. Essentially, I connect the dots, and steer the doctor or clinician down the right path. It’s CSI kind of work.”

“There’s always something new to learn, to fix, something unexpected every day. It’s always exciting.”

Necessary Skill Sets
Interest in science and technology.
Ability to be careful and organized.

Average Salary: $54,413
Average Supervisor Salary: $65,894