Medical Laboratory Scientist

Tiffany Channer, MPH, MLS(ASCP)CM
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Tampa, FL

Known as “the doctor’s doctor,” an MLS studies patients’ specimens to help doctors diagnose and treat diseases

As a biochemistry major, Tiffany knew she had a love of science, but wasn’t exactly sure what career might be right for her. When a professor introduced her to medical laboratory science (MLS), she knew she’d found the path she’d been seeking—one degree that offered all the variety she was looking for, and that let her focus on what she wanted to do most—work in the lab.

My Lab Hero Story

When I was presenting as a Career Ambassador, I met a student who’d been a patient in the hospital where I worked. As we talked, I realized that the treatments he’d received—blood transfusions, a bone marrow transplant—all linked directly back to my team. Now, he wants to be an oncologist, and help others. I always remember his story; it’s bigger than life for me. That’s why I work—for the patients who don’t have a choice whether or not to be there. I’m here to save someone’s life.

“When I realized all of the opportunities that being a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) provides—the versatility you get with only one degree—I said sign me UP! It’s really wonderful.”

“When an urgent call comes through, we have to work with speed and accuracy to make sure that the patient gets what they need, fast. It takes an entire team to save a life. That’s why we strive to be our best, every day—together.”

Necessary Skill Sets
Strong science background.
Interest in solving puzzles.

Average Salary: $54,413
Average Supervisor Salary: $65,894