Pathologists’ Assistant

Kerwin Kolheffer, PA(ASCP)CM
Pathologists’ Assistant
Gainesville, FL
Providing the hands-on assistance that
pathologists need to help patients

Kerwin arrived at his career as a pathologists’ assistant from another role in the lab. When he learned about the work that pathologists’ assistants do, he knew he’d found the career he’d been looking for. There are so many ways to work as part of a medical laboratory team—and so many opportunities to find the role that’s right for you!

My Lab Hero Story

I received a tissue sample from a woman who was preparing to undergo a life-altering, seven-hour surgery. She had what appeared to be a cancerous mass in her jaw and the planned surgery would have removed half of her face, taken her ability to speak and required serious reconstructive surgery and radiation. But when we tested the sample, we found that the tumor was not cancer, so the doctor was able to remove only the tumor itself. That test changed the course of this woman’s entire life.

“I’ve had so many opportunities—to travel, to buy a home and to be active in professional organizations like ASCP. My career has enabled me to do a lot of things in my life I might not have been able to otherwise.”

“I love working as a pathologists’ assistant because no two days are ever alike. It’s a way to be an important part of a medical team behind the scenes. I know that I’m helping to save lives—and that’s a great feeling.”

Necessary Skill Sets
High attention to detail.
Ability to touch and examine human cadavers and dissect tissues and organs.

Average Salary: $74,922
Average Supervisor Salary: $77,376